Traditional African Art at the Academy for Global Citizenship (AGC)

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Weaving - group project

Weaving – group project

For the 2012-2013 school year, ArtReach at Lillstreet and the students at the AGC Annex spent their early-release Fridays in a year-long investigation of the arts and crafts of Africa. Throughout the fall semester, students learned about African proverbs and the traditions of Adinkra and Kente fabrics while they experimented with printmaking and weaving techniques reflecting these traditions.

Most of the spring semester was spent exploring the element of texture. Students experimented with a variety of objects to create texture in wet clay as they fabricated small plates that were covered with student-made texture stamps and finished using a beautiful staining and glazing technique.

Using their new skills in ceramics, students began making multiple elements that were used to create a collaborative sculptural “totem” for permanent display in the school. The tradition of decorative architectural elements has been vastly popular throughout Africa. Oftentimes the decorations symbolize different aspects of the social values and institutions of certain groups, and are therefore found on the exteriors of community buildings. Many students revisited the symbols used in their Adinkra fabric printing as focal points in their work.

The year was finished off with an oil-resist painting of African animals, inspired by the batik process used in many regions of Africa.

Below are some images taken from this year-long project with the AGC students, taken by Rochelle. Enjoy the complete album on our facebook page!


Weaving sample 2



Bottle cap mosaic.


Bottle cap mosaic 2



Resist giraffe



Resist monkey.



Totem close-up.