#Art Is A Journey To the Unexpected

#Art Is A Journey To the Unexpected

Art is a journey to the unexpected by Randy Stearns. Follow him at randystearns.com

Yay! We are psyched that you are downloading this piece of original art to hang, share or post. We love our artists and as such we want to be really clear about how you can and cannot use this piece.

You CAN and should: print it, post it on a wall, give it to a friend, hang it in a window, frame it, turn it into a protest sign (you get the point).

You SHOULD be sure to give them credit if you post it on social media – tag them. Tell them you love it. Show them how you are using it. Make friends with them! Grow your network.

You CANNOT: sell it – ever – for any reason. This is someone else’s original art and they retain all copyright (if you like it that much you can reach out to the artist and talk about hiring them or licensing their art).

When you click the image below to download you are agreeing to all of the above.

Go forth and spread the love ArtReachers!