At Our Place

Over 25 years, ArtReach has learned that art instruction should be one key part of a larger suite of services addressing people holistically. In short, everyone lives their life in a rich context and this cannot fall away once one enters an art studio, but rather should be honored and built upon. Local artists looking for a creative home in East Garfield Park have come out of the woodwork, and a general paucity of local arts resources was expressed again and again.

Located at 2651 W. Lake Street, ArtReach's Studio boasts its own ceramic studio space and glass hot shop that is open to local community members and ArtReach participants from sites throughout the city. Through scholarships and sliding scale fees for community classes and summer camps, ArtReach provides a new and attainable resource for local residents and participants from all over Chicago.
At our East Garfield Park Studio, we will offer a variety of ceramic, glass blowing and art programming, workshops, classes, fieldtrips, afterschool programming and summer camps for all ages and abilities.
See, call (773) 907-0841 or email for more information.