In School

In School

Our in-school residencies bring professional ArtReach teaching artists to integrate arts into traditional academic subjects, or to enrich the offerings of art educators in the classroom. Residencies rely on strong input from your partnering teachers. We're here to help your creative dreams come true.

Residencies explore basic skills in the selected medium, but also introduce elements and principles of art, historical context and examples, as well as affective art-making skills of sharing, collaboration, and critique. Students should leave with new skills and a new creative approach to building and problem solving.

Residencies range from one- to ten-week blocks to adapt to existing curricula. Residencies delve into a variety of media, including ceramics, painting and drawing, mosaic, and more. Residencies can be geared toward a final installation, or can include take-home, collaborative, or experimental projects.

At ArtReach we pride ourselves in tailoring our programming to the needs, themes, and dreams of each site we serve. We are happy to consider tie-ins and integration to any issues, topics, or curricula you work with at your site. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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